Boiseries B.G. Inc., is recognized in the field of housing construction as the specialist in interior wood triming.

Twenty years of sharing our passion for interior wood trims with ou ever-increasing list of customers, such as : home building contractors, do-it-yourself  homebuilders and renovators.

We design, manufacture and distribute a wide range of high quality stairs, banisters, interior doors and complete millwork. The expertise of our team allows us to succesfully fulfill your wildest dreams, whether it’s new a construction or a renovation, while taking into account your taste, and of course, your budget and timeframe.

Our mission…

The mission of our dynamic and professional team is specific and known to all : « To be the ideal business partner for our customers ».
Give your home the BG symbol of nobility by offering it materials worthy of its owners.
Thank you for your vote of confidence in Boiseries B.G. Inc.

Company Background

It was January 1993 when M. Michel Brosseau and Alain Gauthier founded Boiseries B.G. Inc., hence the initials BG (Brosseau/Gauthier).
Establishing this plant is no coincidence. Back in 1988 Mister Brosseau and Gauthier ran a residential construction company under the name “Habitations l’Excellence”. Before long they noticed a great need to be filled in a market of interior wood trimming, stairs and banisters. Therefore in January 1993 they’ve joined their management skills and their construction knowledge and jumped into the great Boiseries B.G. venture.

In 1995, Boiseries B.G. played an increasingly important role among the local contractors. So the owners decided to drop all activities in construction and concentrate solely in the growth of the company. The original phase was small.  It started out in a 1200 square feet building on Potvin-Lazure Street in St-Rémi. Only eight months later they had to move in a 6000 square feet complex in the industrial park. Since then, two major refections of the showroom and offices took place expanding the surface area to 33,000 square feet.
Again, in January 2005, the owners went on and purchased the buildings of their next door neighbours on Industrial Boulevard. Consequently, Boiseries B.G. went from 1200 to 66,000 square feet in only 20 years. Nonetheless, Mister Brosseau and Gauthier work with their team on a daily basis to ensure an ongoing growth of the company’s development.

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